Monday, June 19, 2006

A Brief Note About the Year in Sports

It's been a pretty good one, no?

Hockey, for those who still care -- hi, loyal readers in Alberta -- had a seventh game in the finals tonight. The NCAA men's basketball tournament is always great, but this year it outdid itself, despite an anticlimactic Final Four (which is not that rare, really). College football had that most elusive of results -- an agreed-upon champion, when Texas beat USC in a classic Rose Bowl. The NBA playoffs have been, by far, the most entertaining I can recall. The World Cup is here, and it only comes around once every four years (also allowing Deadspin to link to a classic Simpsons clip). The only thing that really stunk thus far in 2006 was the Super Bowl. If baseball can step up with a dramatic October, this stands to go down as one of the better years for sports in recent memory.


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