Saturday, April 01, 2006

Crystal Ball

It's been too long since I've humiliated myself with a way-off-the-mark sports prediction, so since I'm about to turn on the Final Four, here goes:

George Mason 76, Florida 71

LSU 80, UCLA 72

(Humiliation to be complete in about...five hours. Enjoy the games.)

Ed. Note: Good lord. I guess by mentioning humiliation ahead of time, I was really teeing it up for the gods. I came one point away from predicting UCLA's total; aside from that, most domesticated dogs could have done a better job of forecasting. George Mason was a sentimental pick, so it serves me right. Still, they looked so good against Connecticut that I couldn't imagine them folding quite the way they did yesterday. And LSU showed its youth, and was just flattened. That was never a close game on any level.


Anonymous dfox3 said...

Ouch, that was like laying on your own sword. You seemed to see the inevitable humilation looming, and just plunged the tip deep into the breast. I'm impressed.

11:15 AM  

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