Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sleep Delays My Life (Get Up! GET UP!)

Got in fairly late last night from a friend's party right around the block, and ended up watching a bit of a truly terrible movie on cable (Serendipity) before finally turning in around 3:00. So, like many weekend mornings, I was planning on dozing until an embarrassingly late hour.

This is going somewhere, trust me.

I love the street I live on in Brooklyn. It's near the park, it's lined with beautiful buildings, it's conveniently situated right on the subway line. It's also twice as wide as the average street in this neighborhood, which makes it the perfect location, right around this time every year, for the borough's Little League parade to kick off the season. A real rite of spring.

A real rite of spring that involves incredibly loud music. The thing is, I forget about this every year in an Eternal Sunshine-meets-The Bad News Bears kind of way, so it's always a fresh surprise when I'm jolted from bed early(ish) on a Saturday by kids playing brass instruments about 30 feet outside my window. They might as well be in my bedroom. And every year, the first thing I do upon opening my eyes is laugh out loud, because there is something very, very funny (not to mention definitive, and kind of decadent) about being woken up by a marching band.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that street. One of my faves as well. I picked out an apartment on that street once because the apartment, because the street.

9:24 AM  

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