Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sticking With My Stupidity

I'll stick to it: Astros in 6.

I'm heading home now to watch Game 3, and for now I'm not going to waver from my prediction -- though of course, 7 games might be a bit more realistic for Houstonians (Houstonites? Houstoniminiums?) at this point. I see Oswalt getting them back on track tonight. If it's 2-1 going into tomorrow's game, the Astros have momentum with a terrific home-field crowd (Chicago's fans have been great, too) and the relatively balmy weather. I also figure Lidge returns to form in that warm Texas air -- was it above the freezing point when Podsednik hit his Game-2-winning homer? Not sure.

Blogging this late at night (6:57 Eastern) means I may have been proven wrong by the time you read this, since I imagine no one reads this other than as a distraction from work. Oswalt, don't fail me now.


Blogger Dezmond said...

We are, in fact, Houstonians. Still sticking to your prediction now? This is only something to occupy our attention until the Rockets start their glorious season anyway. (They better have a great season, McGrady is my star fantasy player).

10:20 AM  

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