Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Rest

One of the many detriments to spending time as a blogger on Blogger, in addition to the social stigma, the episodes of suddenly wilting self-esteem, and the vision problems, is that you occasionally linger on some of the thousands of blogs that scroll across its homepage all day. So that none of you have to do this, I'm going to post, from time to time, choice excerpts from some of these other sites. Whether I'm singling them out for praise or ridicule, I'll leave up to you to decide. (Hint: Mostly ridicule.) I think I'll stick to clumps of three, for uniformity's sake. No one's looking out for uniformity these days.

Here's the first installment of The Rest:

My name is Annie Minnesota. On the whole I love America or I wouldn't have moved here, but there is still plenty to complain about. I hate politics, people (mostly) and trees.
Believe it or not, Robert knows all the alphabet. Of course he doesn't know how to read, and your know what? He don't even know all the letter names... But he clearly associate every single letter with a word he knows.. How we did it? Actually my mom was the one who started teaching him...

I have recently realized that most of my friends over the past 18 years or so have been chosen as a result of my asking if they like something that is at least kind of popular—say, Ben Stiller movies, or dancing—and then embracing them as a kindred spirit when they say “no.” So when this guy that I’m supposed to meet (maybe) next weekend said that he’d like to meet me outside of the city so he can avoid Halloween celebrations, I got this warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Ah! My brother—high five!


Blogger Dezmond said...

Halloween is the greatest of the holidays. Anyone who is a scrooge about Halloween festivities (to mix holidays) is either, a. a humorless religious fanatic, or b. someone who never had a proper childhood.

10:23 AM  

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