Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A One-Way Lovefest at Slate

Slate's running a dialogue this week between critic Stephen Metcalf and novelist Walter Kirn about Kirn's new book, Mission to America.

I point it out because Kirn is one of my favorite writers, though I'm much more familiar with his reviews and essays than his fiction. There's a strange dynamic at work here, too. Metcalf is over-the-top in his praise of the book, but Kirn essentially ignores it -- doesn't even acknowledge it with a "Oh, stop; I'm blushing." A bit strange in that regard, but it's piqued my interest in the novel, and Kirn is sharp as always.


Anonymous LFW said...

Did you read the review in the Times last week? It was Paul Gray, I think. He basically said it was the most fully realized of Kirn's novels, but that it failed to follow through on a really promising beginning. I've never read any of his (Kirn's) fiction, but I heard him interviewed on WNYC about 'Thumbsucker,' and it made me want to check him out. I'll take a look at the Slate dialogue.

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