Monday, October 31, 2005

Horses V: The Autopsy

Well, the day was a blast, but I was a loser. Won two races, but came out down on the day. With a dozen or more quality horses in every race, it gets a bit difficult to handicap, especially when you're not that good at it to begin with.

Dad Williams fared better, as did Younger Sister Williams. And I'm the one who'd been babbling about it all week on a blog. Perfect.

Always enriching to see so many great animals, though. If only the weather gods had cooperated -- I was so tensed-up with shivering all day that my back hurt for the rest of the weekend. When Younger Sister and I started complaining about the cold very early in the day, Dad tried to make it better by saying, "Think of it as sitting through two straight football games." That didn't help.


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