Friday, January 12, 2007

I, For One, Welcome Our New Google Overlords

So Blogger has switched to a Google-based system that allows me to do some fancier things. For instance, I can label things now. Everytime I write a "five songs" post, I can label it that way, and then you can click on the label and find all the previous posts on that theme. It can be random, too. As an example, I'm labeling this post "rabies," even though it has nothing to do with that disease. But now, if I ever write about rabies in the future -- and rest assured I will, and at great length -- this post will be included on the master list. See how useless but fun that is? I'm going to phase in the labeling slowly, because it seems clear it could get out of hand.

I think I can spruce up the look of the site, too, but one useless thing at a time, eh? I'm off to bed.



Blogger Fox said...

I was hoping you would lead the way with this switch. I have enjoyed only one feature so far. It has made linking much easier than what I had to go through before. Could be my browser sucked, who knows. Bottom line, I look forward to the rabies post. I was wondering when you'd get down to brass tacks.

1:17 AM  

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