Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Rest, Part II

Light day today. Ray (or "Dezmond," as he's known in the comments section) has inspired me to write a multi-part posting comparing the New York and Texas experiences, which will require more contemplation and care than the average blog posting. But there will be more of the usual nonsense in the meantime, of course, starting right here with a peek at "The Rest," my ocassional, out-of-context visit to other sites recently updated on Blogger. Enjoy....
Perhaps you say that I have no heart, but I say that Took deserves to die for how he killed Huang Na. And I say this without any consideration for "human rights", because I don't view him as "human". A wife who kills a husband who cheats on her, chops him into bits and feeds the body to the sharks in Sentosa, would be more human than a man who randomly kills a 7 year old. (I draw a line where the wife makes dumplings from the husband.)
The most significant fact I learned about the 20's is that all the music that was going on in that time like country, blues, jass, would lead up to rock n' roll in the fifties. This made me interested because rock n' roll in the fifties, later led up to hard rock in the late sixties. I also learned that in the 30's there was a stock market crash which was the biggest in US history which I did not know before.
I just returned from visiting Texas Tech, and I must say, the campus is way nicer than I really thought it would be. The buildings are really pretty! And there's a lot of trees (for Texas), which is definitely a good thing. The campus is big, but the main buildings are kind of compacted into one little area, so it doesn't feel so much like a big school. I met the Nav group there and they were very friendly. One of the girls even took me to her english class. So... the status of that particular college, for now, = impressive.


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