Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Now he's like a child upon my knee."

If I ever win the lottery -- and really, it's just a matter of time, once I start playing it -- one of the first things I'll do is get myself a personal female singer. I mean that I'll pay someone with a gorgeous voice to be on call. Maybe I'm having trouble sleeping. Maybe it's just a nice spring day and I'd like to sit on the front porch and be serenaded. The singer will be compensated very well, and our relationship will be friendly, not creepy. I swear. Anyway, candidates for this position might include Natalie Merchant, Lori Carson, Karen Peris (of the Innocence Mission), and Mimi Sparhawk (of Low). And now Kate Rusby, who I just discovered. She's a folk singer from South Yorkshire, once nominated for the Mercury Prize, etc. She sings a lot of traditional, old-timey songs. And some originals. This is her singing "My Young Man," about her grandmother caring for her miner grandfather when he was in ill health because of, you know, the mines. Enjoy:



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