Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amusing Losers

My friend JF sent along this funny post by Joe Posnanski, who has an article in the new issue of Sports Illustrated about the hapless New Jersey Nets, who are on pace for the worst record in NBA history. Posnanski says the Nets aren’t lovable or quirky or funny losers, and contrasts them to the Kansas City Royals, whose motto, he says, would be “Amusing Losing.” He offers a quiz about KC’s ineptitude, including this:
12. Name the player who went so long between walks that when he finally did walk they shot off fireworks at the stadium.
I would have loved to have been at that game.

Perhaps more importantly, Posnanski offers some entertaining mascot news: The Royals are being sued because their mascot, a lion named Sluggerrr, threw a hot dog into the crowd and detached a dude’s retina. No joke. Though it obviously leads to jokes.


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