Thursday, September 11, 2008

Questions for Anthony Lane

Not from me, alas.

In researching a future post that will (very) tangentially involve him, I came across this interview with Lane from about six years ago. I've very rarely seen him interviewed (and only in print), so I was happy to find it. He explains why "Roger (Angell) is 80 going on 21 and I am the other way around," why "the pleasure of getting out of British journalism cannot be overstated," and that "Forrest Gump is not a good movie, never was and never will be. Despite all the severed heads I got in the post telling me these things, telling me that I was wrong about it."

To a question about The Sweet Smell of Success, he responds:
In fact, it seems some of the movies that are very acid about journalism and publicity—that movie throughout and lots of Citizen Kane look better and better, wiser and sharper with every passing year. Only the really acute filmmakers were able to prophetically imagine what was going to happen to the press. You shouldn't have been able to imagine what it was going to be like, that the appetite would grow that much for the scandalous.
In another place, he also praises Kind Hearts and Coronets, which I posted about earlier this week.

(Update: Well, I've found several interviews with him on Google, including this video interview with Charlie Rose. Ignore what I said above about rarity.)


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