Sunday, May 25, 2008

You think she's gone? She's not gone. That's the whole point! She's never gone!

This is now officially on the superdelegates. Clinton can't get further off the rails than she already is. Her comments were taken "entirely out of context"? No, they weren't. "...Her aides said on Sunday that the campaign of Senator Barack Obama was partly responsible for fanning the flames"? Pass the Pepto. I had seen dozens of lengthy, outraged reactions online before I even heard the brief statement put out by the Obama campaign. And of course, this all distracts from the fact that the other half of her statement -- the one about Bill's campaign in 1992 -- is not analogous to this year at all.

Superdelegates? Care to make your case for sitting on your hands? This ridiculous party doesn't deserve a candidate like Obama. He should choose a moderate Republican as his VP and run as an independent. Let her and the party go down in flames, no fanning necessary.

(If you need help with the headline reference, click here.)


Blogger Dezmond said...

You know what might have happened. The whole RFK/Obama might get assasinated so stay in the race implication was probably the subject of strategy discussions in her campaign. And as distasteful as it is, that is a legit consideration behind closed doors of a campaign. Unfortunately, Obama is more at risk of an assasination attempt than your average presidential candidate. She then probably just let it slip out when she was speaking in public.

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