Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Still Kicking

Oh, hello.

Well, the optimism expressed in my last post (which wasn't meant to malign Pittsburgh, as one reader assumed; I love Pittsburgh, and I'm not saying that sarcastically) was, like so many other instances of optimism, thoroughly, heartlessly crushed by Las Vegas. There was no wireless in (or even near) my hotel room. Silly me -- I forgot that the only rule more ironclad than Vegas' desire to provide every service and convenience known to man is Vegas' desire to keep you from spending time in your hotel room. That will change when they learn to install roulette wheels at the foot of every bed. (That time is coming. Don't think it isn't. Future wake-up calls will come in the simple form of shouts from the croupier standing above you.)

This is a long way of explaining the longer-than-expected silence here. The longer-than-expected visual drought is explained by my stupidity; I took some photos, but I forgot to bring the cord that allows me to download (upload?) the photos to my computer. (It's amazing that I don't have that cord on me. Less than three years ago, I didn't have my own computer or an iPod. Less than two years ago, I was still refusing to own a cell phone, a principled/quixotic stand noticed only by me and sometimes not even him. Less than a year ago, I didn't own a digital camera. Now, I board planes with approximately enough technological equipment on my person to create my own small aircraft, should the need arise. But I forgot that cord. Just great.)

I'm in Texas now, where everything is big, including the wireless access. I'll have a few Vegas-related posts up over the next few days, because Vegas, as always, produced a lot worth sharing. But there will be other offerings, too. In fact, I sense a big week. Stay tuned.


Anonymous Kevin Longrie said...

It would be downloading from the camera and uploading to the computer.

Cheat sheet:

downloading is always from something to something
uploading is to something from something

Clear? Confusing?

3:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you love Pittsburgh as in, you wanna move there, or as in, if it weren't for Pittsburgh, it would be so much easier to take New York City for granted?

9:24 PM  

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