Friday, December 21, 2007

The Blog's Year in 12 Handy Links

This week shattered whatever my previous record might have been for visits in a week, so thanks to everyone who's stopped by. If any of you are new and want to get a long-range view of what I do around here, or if any of my regulars are feeling nostalgic for all the ways I wasted their time this year, I've put together a quick 2007 retrospective, one post per month. Here we go:

In January, the MTA continued lying to me. In February, I contemplated my inability to stop fantasizing about other places to live, and in March I contemplated how old I really am. In April, I wrote a post about panda bears that I really thought would have generated more comments, if only to inquire after my mental health. In May, it was back to contemplation, this time spurred by a great novel by Walker Percy. In June, along with the rest of America, I coped with the cognitive dissonance produced by Cormac talking to Oprah. In July, I dealt with a bat, and the mercifully bat-free August found me, among other places, in an Albany train station, where I overheard something worth passing on. In September, local kids entertained me. October found me in a classroom for the first time in many years. I took in the New York City marathon in November. During this last month of '07, I wondered what cultural creations since 1950 might have legs. If I had to choose a favorite video clip I posted during the year, it would be Mr. Met getting down at a wedding reception. The dancing starts about 35 seconds in. Enjoy (again):


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