Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tryptophan Time

A quiet-ish few days around here. I have some things I'm saving for after the holiday, because I'm sure you're either out of town, or distracted, or sweating cranberry sauce, or have never heard of this blog before.

Below you can find your Wednesday song, as well as a new entry in the increasingly popular photo gallery series, which normally runs on Friday. I’m going to bow out for the rest of this week so I can get some work done on other projects, including the project to eat five pounds of corn pudding.

On Monday, things will crank up again, and I have to say there's some good stuff on deck. Despite the panic caused by my writing about six books this week (stocks plummeted, grocery shelves emptied, people slept with heavy artillery beneath their pillows), there are several guests who should have lists to me soon, and when those lists arrive, the economy will rebound. Supplies will be plentiful. Firearms will be unnecessary.

I've also been having what I think is an entertaining exchange (meant for the blog) about Don DeLillo's White Noise with a good friend of mine, and that will start going up in a few installments next week.

I'm also waiting to hear from people about their favorite things of 2007. Those seemed to be a big hit in 2006, and this year's contributions will start appearing in early December. Between now and the year-end holidays, you should get your money’s worth around here. And 2008 for ASWOBA...however glorious you’re imagining it to be, you’re coming up way, way short. Way short.

See you next week. Enjoy the holiday.


Blogger gunter said...

corn pudding?

12:23 AM  
Blogger Dan Carlson said...

So, not that I think you spend your free time going back to my blog to reread the comments you've made, but you should know that I accidentally deleted your comment on my recent post about albums I've bought this year. I've gotten just an insane amount of spam comments recently, and while mowing down the lot of them, I hit some normal ones unintentionally. Apologies.

Now return to your turkey-induced bliss.

1:57 AM  

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