Monday, July 23, 2007

Late Start

I have a few things to post today, and meant to get started earlier, but watching television while eating my breakfast, I accidentally stumbled onto "The View," where the ladies were earnestly discussing the death of Tammy Faye Bakker, and the experience left me with 12 fewer IQ points and, more to the point, a temporary lack of desire to blog, read, plan my day, or generally rejoin the human project.


Anonymous JPW said...

Indeed.... I heard a radio newscast announcing TFB's death and zoned out after the phrase (spoken in deadpan, without mockery) "Bakker, who was known for her thick eye makeup...." Then last night, M flipped channels and came across a new "reality" show called "Scott Baio is 45....and Single." After ten minutes of us staring at the tube in slack-jawed disbelief, I begged M to turn it off. It was so awful and distasteful and pitiful and lame that I wished our legal system allowed for sentences of full-time public service just for being a washed-up-TV-star-turned-pathetic-jackass. The show was more scary than insulting: Circus-scary. Apocalypse-scary. Crusty-the-clown-esque-Simpson's-parody-come-to-life scary. A midlife, cigar-smoking "Chachi" with stubble taking a tongue-in-cheek "celibacy vow"; hanging out with other crass, arrested-development-suffering Hollywood cronies; revisiting trashy ex-girlfriends whom he treated badly; and disingenuously seeking "guidance" from an older, happily married couple. I dare any of you fellow ASWOBA readers to watch a single episode.... ;-)

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