Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Katherine Boo had an often very good but also seemingly interminable article about Denver's public education system, as seen through the prism of one particular school, in the January 15 issue of The New Yorker. Here, for your convenience, is its essence in three sentences taken from different sections of the piece:
The teen-agers' educational deficiencies would not be easily corrected; to judge by state assessments through the years, many hadn't had a decent year of schooling in their lives.

To some of Bennet's aides, the rancor in the community seemed incoherent: the man was trying, after all, to help their children.

One of the graduation speakers cried out, to bedlam, "We're the future, like it or not!"



Anonymous JB said...

Recent article in Houston Chronicle indicated that 33% of students in Houston ISD will not graduate.....33%.......

8:51 AM  

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