Saturday, November 18, 2006

How People Are Finding Me

I promise this blog won't become exclusively about analyzing its own traffic. But I can't promise it won't become partly about that, because it turns out the "site meter" offers levels of information that are pretty entertaining. I think you'll agree after reading this post.

One thing I can do now is find out what Google searches have ended up bringing people to the site. This is anonymous, of course -- if I was actually seeing who was conducting each search, I'd feel really creepy about it. (I'd still do it, but I'd feel creepy.)

Anyway, here are two of the most recent phrases entered into Google that pulled up my site, among others:
"does Lauren Bacall think she's pretty?"

"fear of octopuses"
I'm sure the people searching for those things didn't stay here long. If they did, for some reason, I hope they stick around despite the fact that Bacall and octopuses are, at best, only occasional subjects.


Blogger lmha said...

I love Google and use it practically daily like everyone else on the planet, but what scares me as much as your ability to track this type of search is that if you google ME, several of my old comment posts to your blog appear. Yikes. Not that I'm unaware that I'm posting this publicly, but I generally pop off as though I'm having a private conversation with you (or at least one in a room full of your friends). But the reality is, every human being on the planet is potentially listening to this conversation. Creepy. And a little unfair. Conversation shouldn't be able to come back to haunt you so much. So I've changed my blogger display name (which is obviously why no one uses their real name). A little slow on the techie uptake, I guess.

12:57 AM  

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