Tuesday, November 08, 2005

March, Resolved

Wow, not everybody at once on the song-of-March issue.

No one has piped up on the blog (no big fans of Iron Maiden's "Ides of March" among my readers, I suppose, which is probably a good thing), but the always reliable Nick came to the rescue. He brought me a CD of duets between Brazilian bossa nova king Antonio Carlos Jobim and Elis Regina, the opening track of which is an irresistibly catchy song called Aguas de Marco, or Waters of March.

Not sure how it would fit between Billy Bragg and Simon & Garfunkel. It does have the kind of antiquated-but-cool feel, though, that makes it prime material to be resuscitated on the next Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino soundtrack and embraced by hipsters everywhere.

So, we have a winner, but if you have any other contenders... -- if you have reason why this song and my mix shouldn't be legally wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Otherwise, thanks for the tip, Nick. I promise never to call you a music snob again. To your face.


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