Thursday, June 02, 2011


This is why you watch sports. Because 25 minutes ago, I was about to post something here about how it didn't look good (at all), but I wouldn't completely give up or stop watching the series. Because at least for the moment, the deep hope that this series might make up for a brutal loss in 2006 has been kindled in a way that almost perfectly mirrors that series. What an insane, unlikely comeback. And doubly sweet because I had seriously underestimated how much I might hate this Miami team. I know most of the country was there well before me, but I've always been a late bloomer. I've always liked Wade, and I've said before and will say again that he and James are the two best players in the league. But between James and Bosh and the almost Lakers-like Miami fans, I'm now far more invested in this thing than I should be. I'm 37 damn years old. Over the past three or four years, I've found my ability to get goofy-lost in rooting for a team seriously hampered. But I was just hopping around the living room like an idiot a few minutes ago. I really like and respect Nowitzki, and this Mavs team seems like the antithesis of the Heat in terms of attitude. I almost get the feeling Nowitzki won't be able to celebrate even if he does win a title, whereas BoshLeWade threw themselves a championship-caliber bash before the season even started. We'll see what happens from here. There have been a few stretches of both games where Dallas was more than able to hold its own. There are also stretches where they let up on defense and James marches to the hoop like Sherman to the sea. Heading back to Dallas, the Mavs should certainly be pumped up — if they can use that momentum and the home crowd to stay maniacally focused on defense, then this could be a classic series. They're still the less naturally gifted team (with Wade and James on the other side, you'd pretty much have to have Magic and Jordan to not be less naturally gifted), but they're still deeper and — possibly — tougher. But all of this is just the adrenaline talking. What a game, what a game.


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