Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The 50 best protest signs of the year. . . . Thoughts from a Vassar grad selling calendars at the mall. (“The mall has a rigid caste system and we kiosk denizens are at the bottom. It's the lack of walls, I think.”) . . . If you haven’t watched this video yet, you should. It’s incredible. It’s so clear that it looks fake. Oh, also, it’s gross. Really gross. . . . 25 of the finalists for National Geographic’s 2009 International Photography Contest. . . . 50 of the most interesting articles on Wikipedia. . . . If I weren’t 35, and increasingly grumpy and lame, I guess these are the records I would have been listening to this year. . . . Andrew Sullivan sums up his discontent with the American right. . . . If you’re feeling bad about your love life, allow me to introduce this dude.


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